Institute of Information Technology and Management was founded in June 2016 with a mission to train and produce skilled IT professionals in the country. IITM is to be a catalyst in improving the Eco-system for employment and skill development in Bhutan. We intend to provide our students or learners with various advanced and professional courses with the mission to offer valuable learning experiences that empower the learners to maximize their knowledge. We contribute to the IT world by focusing on education training workshops and research, Innovation and employability and labour-friendly ecosystem in Bhutan. We also believe that technology plays an important role in ensuring scalability, consistency and national operations. Therefore our focus is as much on improvement of business processes, employee training and re-skilling; and ensuring continuous and cutting edge technology enhancements. This enables us to achieve greater levels of business efficiency, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Academic programs in traditional institutes, while delivering theoretical knowledge, do not provide a strong foundation in practical skills or adequate exposure to real scenarios in the working world. IITM is establish tp fill this void school system. its multi-courses have robust practical elements that develop critical skills necessary for workplace success. Career guidance Via assessments to enable us to effective counsel students and set them on the right path, the IITM training center will have a huge premium on practical components, case studies, workshops and other forms of hands-on learning are a big part of the Institute of Information Technology & Management (IITM) classroom experiences.

Vision: “To emerge as the Information Communication & Technology Training Institute in the country” for technology and human advancement!”

Mission: “Impart highly skilled training to meet the needs of the Info Communication and Technology professionals in the country.
Create and facilitate employment opportunities through quality training.
Foster and facilitate networking between alumni, industries and service agencies for audition.”

IITM Managment

Institute of Information Technology and Management recruit the best Trainer and Management possible since we understand that Trainer quality and influence have a direct bearing upon not only our Trainees achievement but also on their personal values, perspectives and aspirations. IITM have high expectations demand exceptional commitment from its Trainer. IITM recruits Trainer who has the capability and commitment to transform Trainee into professionals capable of assuming responsibility in their future spheres of work. While the majority of Trainer and Management are full time, there are some, especially those who work in industry and business and bring a real life approach to the classroom or who bring special international expertise, who may teach part time.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs
How we work

Registered Under Government

IITM is registered under government as a Training Institute to provide efficient Training and service.

International partners

IITM have international Partners to provide outside training facilities and jobs.


IITM have good learning environment and Facilities, to provide efficient learning skills. 

Quality over quantity

IITM have International Trainers and Bhutanese Trainers who are Internationally Certified Trainers.

International Certification Course in partnership with iTrain Asia

iOS Certified Associate Developer

This 5-day course will guide students through the entire process of developing an iPhone application from designing to developing, testing and releasing iPhone and iPad applications...

Android Certified Associate Developer

This workshop is a hands-on guide to designing and building mobile applications using Google's Android open-source platform. The course explains what Android is, the Android SDK, all essential features...

Certified Data Science Specialist

Our lives are flooded by large amounts of information, but not all of them are useful data. Therefore it is essential for us to learn how to apply data science to every aspect of our daily life from personal finances...

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